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Adrienne Kallweit, Owner, SeekingSitters Franchise System Inc


Adrienne Kallweit, President and Owner of SeekingSitters Franchise System, Inc., is a native of Tulsa and graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Adrienne's degree in Construction Management brought her back to Tulsa where she started her career in the construction industry and later purchased her family's private investigation agency, Hide and Seek. After starting her family and running a successful investigation agency, she realized the need for on-call background screened childcare for her own family and recognized this need on a nationwide level as well.

In 2004 she and her husband, David Kallweit, developed the concept of SeekingSitters implementing the stringent background screening process that Hide and Seek had developed from over 30 years of investigative experience. Working mother, business owner, and licensed private investigator, Adrienne utilized her business expertise to create a company concept that is being successfully implemented in franchise locations across the country.

SeekingSitters Franchise Systems, Inc. is a new, fast-growing franchise that has found a unique solution to an age old problem: finding a good babysitter when you need one. SeekingSitters uses modern day technology of an interactive website to help families find safe, reliable child care 24-7. The founder is a mom of three who saw a problem, found a solution and turned it into a multi-million dollar company.

"Private Eye Mom" Adrienne Kallweit founded SeekingSitters in 2004 after struggling with her own child care needs. She was running her Private Investigation Firm and wanted to hire her son's preschool teacher. She ran the teacher's background investigation and was shocked at what she found: a variety of charges that raised questions about the teacher's character. Yet, the teacher was still working at a public school. That's when Adrienne started "seeking out her own sitters" that passed her stringent background checks and could work around her unpredictable schedule.

She saw a greater need - not just in her hometown - but nationwide. On family trips to Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas they faced the same dilemma: they couldn't find a good sitter they could trust. So on a 7 hour drive from Austin back to Tulsa, she and her husband wrote their business plan and launched their website that night. SeekingSitters was born.

Since their first babysitting job in 2004, SeekingSitters has grown to over 2500 babysitting jobs monthly with 53 franchise locations in 23 different states. Adrienne and David are committed to making sure that childcare is offered in a safe and reliable method in all 50 states. They have built the business without debt, funding their business as they grew.

SeekingSitters won Tulsa's First Entrepreneurial Spirit Award in 2007. And in 2008, Working Mother Magazine named SeekingSitters one of the Top 25 Women-Owned Businesses in the United States. Adrienne has been interviewed extensively both locally and nationally. She was recently featured on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch on CNBC and has been interviewed on the Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC stations in Tulsa as well as in the Tulsa World, Journal Record of Oklahoma and the Tulsa Business Journal. In 2008, Adrienne and David were both chosen for the Tulsa Business Journal's 40 under 40 list.

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